The Best Accessories to Help Manage Your Diabetes

The Best Accessories to Help Manage Your Diabetes

If people have diabetes, they already know that it’s an incredible drag to constantly monitor their glucose levels and make sure they stay in the right range. To help cut down on stress, we’ve compiled some of the best accessories that can help manage diabetes: from digital blood sugar meters, and insulin pumps to reminders for when people need to test their blood sugar! With anyone (or a combination) of these tools, managing their diabetes becomes significantly more manageable.

Blood Sugar Monitor

For those with diabetes, monitoring blood sugar levels is a constant challenge. People have to constantly check their blood sugar and make sure it’s within the proper range. It can be especially stressful if their blood sugars wander outside of the norm. A simple way to monitor is to use a digital meter—they’re becoming more and more common. Some of them have built-in alarms so that they don’t even need to remember their goal! These can be a huge help in maintaining proper glucose control.


Many people with diabetes have to use oil to make sure their glucose levels don’t drop too low. With insulin pumps, people can use a continuous glucose monitor (also called CGM) that sends data straight to their meter or pump. These meters do not require the use of oil—all they need to do is change the battery. If they already have an oil-based meter, they can add a CGM to it, although it will require more work.

Insulin Pumps

There are several pumps on the market today—most of them are designed for people on insulin therapy. These devices can deliver a steady stream of insulin based on their blood sugar level. They’re very convenient because they don’t have to keep track of individual vials and syringes. These can be a lifesaver.

Pump Accessories

No matter which pumps they use, there are some accessories that it just has to have! One of these is the pump cradle. The cradle holds their pump and keeps it organized. It also doubles as an extra battery pack, which can be a lifesaver if they are on the go.

Pump Wrist Straps

Insulin pumps aren’t all that comfortable—as it is, they’re strapped to their body. When they add a pump cradle to the equation, it can become even less comfortable! A pump wrist strap can help make things easier by allowing people to move the pump around their body freely. It makes it feel significantly lighter and more comfortable.

Pump Carriers

For a lot of people, carrying an insulin pump is a big deal. They can be pretty large, and they’re heavy! A good way to ease the load is to use a pump carrier. These are designed for carrying pumps comfortably, and they usually have a separate pocket for insulin vials, syringes, etc.

Insulin Container Bags

If people use syringes to control their diabetes, they know it can be tricky filling up those vials every day. The insulin container bags were designed to solve this problem. They are usually made of plastic (or similar, durable material) and can hold up to 100 syringes. They’re great for on-the-go situations where they might need several vials filled!

Insulin Syringes

In addition to insulin vials, people also need syringes to fill them! These are pretty straightforward—they’re the same ones that people with diabetes have been using for decades. It’s good to have several different sizes on hand so that people can match them up with their insulin vial.

Insulin Vials

As mentioned before, vials are essential if people plan on using insulin. They come in a range of sizes—most people use 10ml vials, but others might prefer five or 3ml. The standard vial has a dosage dial that tells people how much insulin is in the needle (people can usually test the syringe before filling it).

Insulin Syringe Holders

People with insulin pumps usually use either non-disposable, multi-use syringes or disposable pens. The pen is more popular nowadays because they’re easier to carry around. Suppose people are still using syringes, though. In that case, it’s a good idea to have a holder—they keep the needle and syringe together, so they don’t accidentally poke themselves (or anyone else).

Syringe Disposal Boxes

If people are a parent of a child with diabetes, they know how much of a pain it is to take care of all their gear. Keeping track of needle disposal boxes that are properly labeled is one of the most important parts of this job! people can find them in business supply stores or right on the Internet.

Insulin Pen Needles

These are very similar to standard syringes—they come in a range of different sizes and are designed to fit onto insulin pens. They’re straightforward; people have to make sure they fill them up to the right level!

Compression Socks

Compression socks are designed to combat numbness, pain, and swelling caused by normal socks, which can chafe, have difficulty staying up, and cut off blood flow. Luckily there are some ways to buy diabetic socks online that don’t require a doctor’s note.

Diabetes can be a huge challenge. That’s why it’s important to have tools on hand that can help people manage their condition as effectively as possible. The most important thing is, of course, the blood sugar monitor. No matter how complex their diabetes management plan is, this is the best place to start! The rest of the list—pumps, cradles and carriers, insulin vials and syringes, etc.—are all important pieces for managing their condition effectively.