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Astrology has been prevalent in Vedic culture for centuries. Even in other, older cultures, this art had made its importance quite clear. But what is this process? Is it simply a hoax, a process that could be based on guesswork and intuition? No. Astrology is a scientific study that involves the calculation of the movement and placement of the 9 planets, the sun and the moon.

The movement of these planets and the patterns formed from the celestial bodies are said to influence different movements in time itself. This is why your celestial time of birth plays a role. Your birth chart or natal chart, which contains the time and place of your birth, becomes vital in making predictions of a person’s traits and qualities that influence their lives.

12 houses of astrology and significance

There are three aspects to look into in your natal chart- planets, sign, and house. A deeper understanding of these is what helps make sense of your life and the kind of situations you have faced or will face. Astrology uses these patterns to even understand your relationship with almost everyone you meet, including your family, boss, your partner, friends, and individuals that make an impact on your memory or life.
Every individual’s natal chart differs in terms of what sign or planet rules which house, but a ‘native’ chart consists of a natural ruler to each house.

There are 12 houses in astrology, just like the 12 zodiac signs. These houses and their interpretation will provide you with a more detailed or clear picture of a person’s development. According to astrology, the stronger the houses are, the more powerful your chart will be. This might be beginning to get confusing, which is why free online predictions can guide you in understanding the two more deeply.

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Let us look into what these 12 houses are along with their interpretations, what they signify and their native rulers.

1st house:

The 1st house is also known as the rising sun or the Ascendant. This house along, with the ruler of this house in your chart, signifies the face you portray to the outside world. First impressions, ego, your appearance, and the way you look at life and your personality itself. Physical attributes like your physical health or the clothes you wear can be linked with this house. The native ruler of the 1st house is Aries, and the native planet is Mars. The ascendant also plays a vital role in understanding your natal chart.

2nd house:

The 2nd house is also referred to as the house of Possessions. This house signifies the material attributes of the physical world. Wealth or even self-esteem is explained under this house. It also reflects on how you can handle and use resources. The native ruler of this house is Taurus with the native planet being Venus.

3rd house:

The third house is all about communication. It signifies your communication with people, technology and your nearby surroundings. This might include your daily commutes, how good you are with technology and written and verbal communication with people around you. The native ruler of the 3rd house is Gemini and the native planet is Mercury.

4th house:

The 4th house signifies home itself or at least your physical home. The native of this house is Cancer and is ruled by the moon itself. This is why you will discover your nurturing intuition, your relationship with your parents, especially your mother or other strong women in your life and their impact on early childhood.

5th house:

This house signifies children. It could be actual kids, pets or a creative “child” like an idea or product, anything you brought into this world and nurtured. Leo and the sun are the native rulers of Leo. Because this house signifies anything you have created, it also looks into hobbies and interests in games, activities you take an interest in and other things that you would consider to be as leisure.

6th house:

The 6th house is the house of work or service and signifies how you approach work, your routines, personal health, hygiene, and fitness. The native rulers are Virgo and Mercury. This house could help you reflect on how you approach your career but not your career itself.

7th house:

The 7th house is also considered to be the house of partnerships. It reflects on the serious relationships and partnerships in your life. This house has an inclination towards professional partnerships over personal. The house is governed mainly by Libra with the native planet Venus, but Taurus is also said to have an effect on the 7th house.

8th house:

The 8th house is related to birth and death and has a role to play in sexuality. It signifies reincarnation along with intimacy. Scorpio and Pluto are the native rulers of the 8th house, which explains the relation to incarnation and reincarnation.

9th house:

The 9th house, also known as the house of travel and philosophy, signifies expanding horizons. It deals with your spiritual and physical journey in their realms, your travel passion, and also learning. The 9th house is natively ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter. This house reflects on your mind and it’s openness towards new experiences and knowledge.

10th house:

The 10th house can be called the house of career. This house reflects on every aspect of your profession and which felids your zodiac is likely to be compatible with, based on personal traits. The native zodiac is Capricorn and the native planet is Saturn. This house also depicts your public image and fame.

11th house:

The 11th house is also known as the house of friendships. This house will signify your friendships, people who love you and also your hopes and aspirations. The 11th house is ruled by the natives Uranus and Aquarius. The house also has a hand to play in spontaneity, how and where you fit in social orders and originality.

12th house:

The 12th house is referred to by many names like the house of the drawn shades, house of karma, or house of the unconscious. It deals with secrets, things that could challenge or confine us. The native rulers are Pieces and Neptune. This house plays a part in creativity but also reflects on self-indulgence.


These are the native or primary descriptions of the 12 houses. This may all seem a little hard to understand in the beginning, but you can have your natal chart decrypted in minutes with free astrology online predictions. The astrologer reads your unique celestial birth time and location along with noting down your ascendant, the unique rulers and planets associated with each house and helps you analyze your natal chart.

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